Large Red Bamileke Juju Hat
Large Red Bamileke Juju Hat
Large Red Bamileke Juju Hat
Large Red Bamileke Juju Hat
Large Red Bamileke Juju Hat

Large Red Bamileke Juju Hat


The Juju hat, Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn Hat, is traditionally worn by the royal dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

The headdress is made of natural or dyed feathers of wild birds. The feathers are stitched onto a woven raffia support and can be unfolded by pulling on a leather strap on the back, into an amazing circular hat.

When not in use, the headdress can be folded into a basket shape, taking up very little space, with the feathers neatly protected inside.

The headdress comes in a wide range of rich colors, either monochrome or a combination of colors, depending on the inspiration of the craftsman.

The Juju hat, which can be transformed into an impressive wall hanging, has become very popular over the years in the world of interior decoration.

Our Juju hats (Bamiléké Feather Headdresses or Tyn hats) from Cameroon come in three sizes.

Small size : Approximately 38cm - 42cm diameter

Medium size: Approximately 48cm - 54cm

Large size : Approximately 70cm - 80cm diameter
Care Instructions:
To fluff out your juju hat BLOW DRY it. Don't wet the headdress. The feathers will fluff up a little. This is especially useful after first opening your hat as feathers can be slightly bent after they've endured such a long journey getting to New Zealand.

As with any delicate fabric, it’s important to safe guard your Juju hat against moths. I suggest you treat the juju hat every three to four months. Either use an anti moth spray or place cedar wood behind the headdress. You can also put the headdress in the freezer over night or out in the freezing cold on a winters night (only if it's not going to rain however!)