The Fabulous Fiddle Leaf Fig

It is beginning to get a bit chilly at this time of year in New Zealand and we've definitely started spending more time indoors. We love being surrounded by plants and have enjoyed hanging out in our new garden over the last few months. Now our attention has turned to bringing some of the outdoors, in.

Giving away all of our plants when we moved from overseas last year was quite torturous! I knew we'd have to start all over again & it's amazing how attached I'd become to my plants.

I've always loved to decorate with indoor plants and use them everywhere from the kitchen to the kids rooms.

After we moved into our new home, I became fixated on getting a big plant for my hallway. My white floorboards & walls were crying out for some greenery and I began to seek inspiration on the Internet,in mags and started trawling through the local nurseries.

I kept seeing one particularly striking and large plant online, over and over again. It didn't take me long to realise that this particular plant was the one I was going to track down, even if it killed me! (Which btw, it nearly did!) Not quite as prolific in the nurseries down here in the South Island as I'd hoped! 

Yip, if ever there was such a thing as a 'cool' plant this would be it. The Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle Leaf Fig,(as it's more commonly known) has been getting some pretty good coverage online and it seems to pop up in stylish interior spaces everywhere you look.

So, I'm happy to say that my plant search is over. I too joined the indoor plant 'cool club' and got myself a Fiddle Leaf Fig. I took the pic above on my phone yesterday after I plonked it behind a couple of others. Today I'm off to find a pot. Wish me luck! 

Hope you glean some inspiration from these pics as I have. I'm hoping mine may eventually do some crazy sideways growing like this one above. How awesome is it?! 

Image sources via our Pinterest page

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