Juju Hats are Back In Stock!

 We absolutely love when we get to update items on our website to 'back in stock'. Some of the products we sell at MintSix come from some far flung places, so when the courier driver finally pulls up outside he thinks we're slightly luney tunes when we try and give him a cuddle and jump up and down with excitement!

Standard Fuchsia Juju Hat Click to buy!
On Tuesday, our courier driver did the speediest drive by we've ever seen (this was probably due to the fact that he was well over being accosted by us!) and delivered boxes full of our beloved Juju Hats. 

Small TangerineStandard Cobalt Blue & Small Teal Juju Hats in stock. 

Standard Natural Juju Hat. Click to buy!

It's always a good time unpacking Juju's in the MintSix office. Ella and I have been known to spend a good half an hour discussing which one we would like (it's different every time!) and then wax lyrical about how good it will look in our respective kitchen/bedroom/hallway/living room etc etc. 

Baby Juju in yellow. Click to buy!
Massive photo shoot at my place over the last few days. Some of the shots are better than others as I'm still trying to get a handle on my photography skills. In other words, please excuse the dodgy ones! 

Standard Juju hat in Red (pre-order only)

It is the first time we have stocked baby Juju Hats and they are pretty cool little numbers. Versatile due to their size, they can be hung amongst a picture gallery or placed above a vignette on a sideboard. And of course, at $239 they are a more affordable option if a standard Juju isn't in your budget but you still want some feathery goodness on your wall!

Baby Juju Hat in Off-White.
Click to buy!

Baby Juju Hat in Fuchsia.
 Click to buy!

Standard Off-White Juju Hat Only one left!!(pre-order with an expected delivery date approximately mid-July)

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Talia :)

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